Frequently Asked questions


Will my images be private?

Yes of course! We don't share any images online or elsewhere unless we have consent of the client!

Will you alter my photos?

The only retouching I will do to your images are bruises, tan lines, or blemishes. I provide a small amount of skin soothing, but as a general practice, I do NOT alter your body to be slimmer/smaller/different. Boudoir is about celebrating the body you're in, not some fake version created in Photoshop.

Do I have to have an in-person image reveal?

Yes! We want you to have a luxury experience before, during, and after you session! So the ability to sit down and see all of your images and productions in person is the best!
I do offer a Quickie session but it has restrictions and not the full experience.

Do I have to provide my own outfits?

As of right now yes! I'm working on being able to provide a client closet. I do have some super fun accessories and body jewelry that you are welcome to use!